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Notify date of submission of Student Activity work on Oktober 01, 2019 (Tuesday) to October 04, 2018 (Friday) before 12.00 pm. The following is the Delivery and Presentation Paper of the Working Papers

Informed Student Activity Presentation is on January 08,  2020 (Wednesday)  at student affairs Division Office. Time is from 9.00am to 11.30am only.

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08/01/2020(Wednesday) 1 .pdf
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Temporary accommodation will only be valid  until September, 05 2019 before 4.30 pm. Click here to download Temporary Accomodation Reservation Form

To obtain the latest data for off-campus undergraduate students for their convenience. All these information is very useful to ensure the welfare and safety of the off-campus undergraduate students.

Sila Klik Link ini untuk mengisi data pelajar luar kampus UPM.

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