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Outdoor Campus 8.0 (ZLK 8.0)

October 10, 2019 - Universiti Putra Malaysia Student Affairs Division (BHEP UPM) conducts Outdoor Campus 8.0 (ZLK 8.0) at two off-campus student houses: Henny Abigailwillyen Sinjus in Serdang Park and Mohd Shaffiq B. Zaid Taman Serdang Jaya.



ZLK 8.0 is also accompanied by Prof. DR. Roslan Sulaiman TNC HEPA, Ms Norizai Head of Administration, Mr. Fahmi Division Head, Student Affairs Officers and also UPM Student Representative Council. ZLK 8.0 is one of BHEP UPM's initiatives to bridge the gap between students and universities, recognizing student problems, contributing to alleviating student burdens especially for off-campus students.


Oleh Husaini Amir

Date of Input: 11/10/2019 | Updated: 11/10/2019 | mshahrul


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