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BHEP @ Komuniti Mega 2018

SERDANG, 26 November- 10 students represent UPM International Student Association (UPMISA) participated in a community programme organized by Student Affairs Division called BHEP @ Komuniti Mega 2018 on 23rd till 25th November 2018 at Kg. Rawa, Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan. This programme was organized to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) between UPM and society thus realize the UPM slogan “WITH KNOWLEDGE WE SERVE”.

This programme has been participated by 10 International Students of 4 country which is Yemen, Syria, China and Nigeria. This programme of 3 days and 2 nights organized in Kg. Rawa has been one platform for the international student to know deep more of Malay culture. The students are placed to stay with foster parents consist of the villagers of Kg. Rawa.

“The further I go with malay culture, the deeper I discover. Villagers’ life style. Their generosity & awesome SMILE. Its showing the beauty of malay culture. Being adapted, taking care of you and provide best food ever. All those remind me of my own family in my own country. Thank you Ibu Hairani for taking care of me. Thank you BHEP for making this happened. Thank you UPMISA for guiding us to this program. Thank you so much everyone for such an amazing experience. Its definitely worth it. Looking forward to participating in more.”-WASIM KNAKRI

”A programme so enriching . Well planned and executed. A vision intelligently extracted for among others, community sensitization and mobilizations toward educational consciousness. We have been repackaged for communal living and cultural tolerance through this programme. I experienced another home away from home with the foster parents. UPM has once shown her desire to produce well balanced products with comprehensively developed faculties for holistic global challenges. I am happy being a participant. Thanks.”-ERASMUS ONWUNDINJO

“This programme is very good and enjoying. It takes one out of stress at least for this period. I thank the organisers, my foster parents and indeed everybody. I am happy to be part of this programme and I will like to come again next time.”- NWESO EMMANUEL NWOGBAGA

“It is worth taking part in this programmer. I learn a lot from it. I know how local villagers live. For me it is an important cultural shock. It is quite differet from Chinese culture. I make many friends here. Everyone is so kind. They help me and make me feel at home. My host family is so enthusiastic. They prepare very nice food and take good care of us. I will cherish this precious experience.Thanks a lot.”- ZHAO XIOKE

“This programme has been very fantastic and enriching. I am enjoying it and my foster parents are wonderful. I also love my colleagues. Excellent!”- UGWU CHIDOZIE CLIFFORD

“It was a great and really I take my mind off stress. Even I've known the nature of malay people.”-FATEN AMEEN SAIF

Date of Input: 28/11/2018 | Updated: 02/01/2019 | mohd.hasrul


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