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[28/10/2016] Service Quality and Innovation Day (HKIP) UPM 2016

HKIP 2016

October 28, 2016, PKKSSAAS Dewan Besar, UPM, Serdang - Student Affairs Division has participated in several competitions in conjunction with the UPM 2016 Service Quality and Innovation Day (HKIP) organized by the UPM Quality Assurance Center (CQA). At the event, BHEP has won 4 prizes competed and 1 HKIP Special Award for 2016. Among the prizes and prizes that have been won are:

I. Gift Creating Theme: Mr. Noor Mohamad Shakil Hameed (Best 3)
II. Innovative Idea Prize: Mr. Mohd. Sahrizan Mat Yatim (Best 3)
III. Creative Arts Competition Prize: BHEPTV (MAIN Rewards)
IV. Best Delegation Prize: BHEP Delegation (Best Delegation)
V. HKIP Special Award 2016: Mr. Hj. Hashim Md. Shaari

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