Application for admissions to UPM for recruitment annually is via Online Application coordinated by the Student Entry Management Division, Department of Higher Education Malaysia. 

Applicants may access the Website http://upu.moe.gov.my/ for complete information on the general terms and requirements of the Program and subsequently submit an application via the Online Application after the advertisement on the main local newspaper.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) emphasizes the current needs and comfort of its current student, who is studying at UPM. Hence, UPM provides a variety of technology equipment and facilities to ensure the comfort of students. Apart from that, various non-academic programs and activities are being conducted for current students so that they are happy at UPM and at the same time can balance academic achievement and soft development for sustainable living.

Moving out of the ivory tower as an outstanding graduates of UPM does not mean that your relationship with the community here stops just like that. Former UPM graduates are welcome to join the UPM Alumni Association, which is specially set up to strengthen the bonds of relationships as well as beneficial networks of expertise variations. In fact, many of the members of the UPM Alumni have been appointed as ambassadors for their big contribution in their respective fields, leaving a huge impact on society and nation - as well as bringing the name of the university internationally. Since 1971, UPM alumni has reached over 145,000 people - not only from Malaysia but from across the globe covering Australia, Iran, France, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. Armed with a passion for strengthening the reputation of formerly respected university community, Alumni UPM has now successfully shared great ideas and voiced critical views for dynamic university development in realizing its vision and mission. For those who are interested to know the details of the UPM Alumni Association, please visit the Official Website of the Alumni Center and the Alumni Association at any time.

Any questions can be contacted :
Student Welfare and Wellbeing Section

 +603-8946 6074

 +603-8942 6472

Pelantikan TNC (HEPA) Baharu
Tahniah diucapkan kepada YBhg. Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan bin Sulaiman di atas pelantikan sebagai Timbalan Naib Canselor (Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni) UPM yang baharu, berkuatkuasa mulai 1 September 2017 sehingga 31 Ogos 2020.
UPM took second place in the Student Talent Development Program 2017
Congratulations Muhamad Syafiq Zulkifle
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Kelab Tarian Klasik India PUTRA KALAKSHETRA UPM Johan Keseluruhan dalam Pertandingan University Culture Ranggoli Night UTP 2017
18 November 2017 - Tahniah dan syabas kepada Kelab Tarian Klasik India PUTRA KALAKSHETRA UPM atas kejayaan merangkul JOHAN KESELURUHAN dalam pertandingan University Culture Ranggoli Night UTP 2017 yang telah diadakan di Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Hasil dari kemenangan, kelab ini telah membawa pulang wang tunai berjumlah RM3000.

Congratulations to Mr Fahmi Azar Mistar for his appointment as a new Head of Student Affairs Division, with effect from 25 September 2017.

"Associations / Clubs / Colleges / Faculties that do not send Student Activity Reports will be subject to HELP for further activities until the full report is sent to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Office (HEPA)".

In this regard, please check the status of the Student Activity report submissions. Please click to check

Informed Student Activity Presentation is on November 14, 2017 (Tuesday) at Discussion Room 1-5, Student Complex (next to male surau). Time is from 8.30 to 12.30 pm only.

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FURTHER INFORMATION: http://etender.upm.edu.my

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