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Sponsorship Status Update Application

Sponsorship Status Update Application in SMP

Applications can be submitted to SPKTP by complying with the following conditions:

  1. Complete the application form with accurate information;

  2. Attach sponsorship offer letter and other related documents (sponsorship cancellation / extension / etc.) in the document upload section;
  3. If the supporting documents are more 1 document, all documents must be combined into 1 .pdf document containing all the documents.

  4. Only documents in .pdf format are accepted by the system.

  5. If the information / documents are incomplete, the application will not be processed without notice.


Sponsor Status Update Application Procedure in SMP

  1. The application form can only be accessed after the student logs into the official google suite account of UPM students (nomatrik@student.upm.edu.my) by using UPMID to ensure the security of student information. Please make sure you are logged into the intended account to ensure you get access to the form.

  2. All information is mandatory. Please complete all information with accurate information and attach related documents to avoid the application being canceled and not processed.

  3. Once the application is successfully submitted, students will receive a notification email to confirm the student application information has been recorded and you are not allowed to submit the same application for a second time to avoid duplication of information.

  4. If it is found that there is an overlap / discrepancy of information on the same 2 applications, the application will not be processed, and students need to physically attend the BHEP UPM to verify the information.

  5. SPKTP will process the application within 3 working days and the change of sponsor status can be checked on the student SMP portal.

Sponsorship Status Update Application Form in SMP

Please pay attention to the Application Terms and Conditions stated above before submitting the application through the following link. •

Updated:: 16/01/2023 [azhar.mahdzir]


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