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Virtual Progamme For Quranic Recitation And Holy Prayer In Conjuction With Final Examination


SERDANG, 4 February - Virtual programme for Quranic recitation and holy prayer was conducted by the UPM Student Representative Council 2019/2020 session in collaboration with UPM Student Affairs Division (BHEP) in conjunction of the final examination. The programme was organised by Aidil Fakri as Programme Director starting from 8:45 pm to 10:30 pm via The University Putra Malaysia Live Facebook channel. The honourable guest who participated in the program was Y.Bhg. Prof Dr. Ariffin Abdu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) UPM, and Mr. Farhan Khairuddin as Director of the Student Volunteer Foundation. The ceremony was also attended by Ustaz Mohd Fauzi in delivering a speech and Ustaz Nuruliman as qari leading the Yasin recital and holy prayers.

The ceremony has been started with the ceremony of the recitation of Yasin and holy prayers, special talks by Ustaz Mohd Fauzi, director's speech by the Student Volunteer Foundation, the speech from TNC HEPA and Putra Nahwan Nur performance.


The sharing of knowledge in this ceremony is complied with the meaning of leaving everything to Allah SWT asserted in a special talk on Ustaz Mohd Fauzi. According to him, rest assure to Allah SWT is a worship to the heart so that we do not ripple when successful and not grieving for too long when it is lacking in the final examination. Besides, success in the world and in the hereafter lies is the blessings of knowledge acquired by a person. The blessings are very important which could be gained by respecting our lecturers, parents, books and institutions in order to continue to gain blessings from Allah SWT.


Mr. Farhan Khairuddin also gave several explanations on adapting to new norms especially to students who will sit for the final examination. According to him, students today are selected to pursue new millennium learning challenges during the pandemic which make it difficult for students to access the internet. Furthermore, he urged the students to work together, pray and hope to Allah SWT in order to maintain health for final examination.

UPM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), Y.Bhg. Prof. Dr. Arifin Abdu pointed out to all the importance of maintaining relationships with Allah SWT and human. Therefore, students are advice to do their best in the examination in order to please our country, race and our parents. The 6 categories of students who would be granted permission to return to university for physical study also is been highlighted. 


The programme for Quranic recitation and holy prayer are held annually by all UPM students in gaining blessings from Allah SWT to face the final examination. The difference in this year's ceremony is it was conducted virtually, however it has received a fruitful response from UPM students and staff with a viewing of 700 views. The ceremony ended with a closing performance from UPM nasyid band Putra Nahwan Nur with a song entitled Dusta Ibu.


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