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UPM Mega Iftar Putra 2019

Serdang, May, 15, 2019 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has organized an Iftar Mega Putra program at the plaza of UPM. The first event of this program has received overwhelming response of more than 2,000 students who are involved directly in the plots of land. The program was organized with the HEPA Entity and was assisted by the Student Representative Council (MPPUPM) as a student leader for the initiative to hold such a program. A total of 7 stalls were opened for food distribution, including 1000 packs of food donations from the Menteri Besar Selangor, 1000 packets of food from Saudi Arabia's embassy contributions and the rest of the donation from other parties involved. All meals at each stall were provided free of charge to the attendees.


2000 Students involved in compounding the square.


Iftar's ceremony was also celebrated with Qasidah (Live from TV9), performances from Putra Nahwan and the Launching Ceremony of Ramadhan Reef. This program is aimed at strengthening the relationship with students in one program. Additionally, it reinforces the unity of other religions to feel the atmosphere of Ramadan in this iftar program. With Happiness can share poor student 


Contribution to Asnaf by Ybhg. TNC (HEPA)

It is hoped that such programs will continue in the future. This looks at the excitement and the students' welcome to this program is very encouraging.

By : Azrie Izid Azizi (Welfare & Safety Seketeriat MPPUPM)

Date of Input: 27/05/2019 | Updated: 29/06/2019 | mohd.hasrul


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