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Realizing Student Creativity

SERDANG, 14 JULY - The Student Services Programme is an initiative and effort by the Student Affairs Division (BHEP) to identify students’ talents and the soft skills that they have. Through this programme, students are given the space and opportunity to contribute their ideas and energy as well as generate income.

One of them is Muhammad Afham bin Mohd Zaki, a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture student from the Faculty of Design and Architecture, who used his talent to paint murals at Astaka Seni.

He urged other students who are interested in contributing their ideas and talents to contact the Student Affairs Division Office.

The Student Affairs Division has always supported any activities or programmes that enhance the personality and soft skills of UPM students.



Date of Input: 20/07/2018 | Updated: 29/10/2018 | mohd.hasrul


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