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Off-Campus Visit (ZLK 5.0)

Serdang, January 9, 2019- Student Affairs Division of Universiti Putra Malaysia (BHEP UPM) with UPM International Students Association (UPMISA) with cooperation Student Representative Council (MPP UPM)) and Counseling Division (BK UPM) come up with enthusiasm and care for UPM students who live off campus through Ziarah Off-Campus 5.0 (ZLK 5.0). A total of 19 people attended the ZLK 5.0 delegation headed by Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni UPM, Ybhg. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Roslan Sulaiman goes down the hall to the international student campus students comprising three countries - Nigeria, Iraq and Yemen.

The ZLK 5.0 program is a continuation of BHEP UPM's welfare programs aimed at ensuring students' welfare and safety are ensured. In addition, this program encourages the participation of other students in order to strengthen their individual skills. The BHEP also through the UPM Counseling Division provides career and financial counseling services to help UPM students become proficient in their working lives.

UPM MPP Muhammad Izzuddin bin Rosli said the program was held to show that UPM is very concerned about the welfare of students inside and outside campus

“ UPM's pilgrimage is a great pleasure for us and provides many assistance in terms of living facilities, daily necessities, and much more, easing our burden. & Rsquo; One of the off-campus students joining ZLK 5.0 said

BHEP UPM requests that students especially out of campus update their personal information so that the welfare of the students can be monitored properly. Meanwhile, UPM's Head of Division, Student Affairs Division, En. Fahmi Azar bin Mistar said the Ziarah off-Campus is a continuing initiative from the BHEP UPM to see the situation and the welfare of Outside Campus students. We have a large number of students and their safety is our priority. Wherever you are, BHEP discovers. WE LOVE UPM.

Write By : Faiz Ashraf bin Abdul Rahim

Date of Input: 17/01/2019 | Updated: 19/01/2019 | mohd.hasrul


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