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Nahwan Nur @ Community in Sabah

August 10, 2018, Semporna, Sabah - Student Affairs Division and Nahwan Nur UPM successfully organized the Nahwan Nur @ Community program at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Haji Panglima Jakarullah, Semporna Sabah.

The program is aimed at promoting UPM to all Form Five students in the school who will soon sit for the SPM examination and graduate from secondary school. The presence of this UPM delegation provides space and opportunity for all students to understand and know closely how to continue their learning in UPM.

The program is graced with the presence of YBhg. Principal of Hajah Gambalidah Haji Mohd Jahiri who also expressed his gratitude for the sake of UPM was present to share knowledge with the children in Semporna.

The sisters at the school were also given a motivational lecture "Excellent Student Personality" delivered by Mr. Abdul Hadi Samsi. A little bit helps all students practice the value of soft skills that are important for the students to succeed with a degree. It turns out that the input given is very meaningful and gives the best example to the students here

Apart from promoting UPM. The program also promotes Nahwan Nur as the  Artist of UPM. The group also entertained the audience with a couple of songs from the album Ada Dia who are still in the promotion. Nahwan Nur will also be launching a second video clip after Dia Ada, the Equatorial Hawa that has already undergone recording around Semporna. To all fans looking forward to the launch of this video and continue to support Nahwan Nur.

Date of Input: 16/08/2018 | Updated: 11/09/2018 | mshahrul


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