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Malaysian Kelanasiswa Training Group (KLCC) Dialogue

UPM Serdang - 38 Universiti Putra Malaysia Students from the Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia kelanasiswa Training Group (KLKM) participated successfully in the Dialogue Awareness Workshop for Peace in conjunction with the United Nations World Peace (United Nation) Month held on 28th. September 2019 (Saturday) at the University of Malaya.

The organization of the awareness workshop is the first workshop organized in Malaysia and is part of the ASEAN Youth Forum Delegation initiative in collaboration with the University Malaya, Malaysia Kelanasiswa Training Group (KLKM).

With the help of ongoing activities for Dialogue Awareness Workshops for Peace including Tap Games, Peacebuilding Pyramids and World Conference Game, scouts can be empowered with skills and competencies that enable them to actively engage in community decision-making and problem solving for sustainable development globally.

Through dialogue, scouts can learn to find previously unknown equations, to appreciate and appreciate the differences between the natural differences in human life such as culture, language, ethnicity, religion and so on.

In addition, scouts can gather as the first humans to find inclusive solutions to address the challenges facing today, among which differences are seen as problems that cause many people to fight, various types of violence linked to social conflicts where people justify violence by citing differences cultural, religious or ethnic identities that cannot be equated. For example, the misconceptions and negative feelings of one group with another can easily become stereotypes in which they can justify discrimination against one or more people, which in turn leads to tension, conflict and violence.

Therefore, through this dialogue program for peace it has become the best platform for scouts around the world to discover how they can incorporate dialogue into their daily lives.

Participants who successfully attended the workshop individually received a certificate along with the World Organization of the Scout Movement Peace Ambassador presented by Mr. Rozaini bin Abdul Rahim, Chair of the Malaysia kelana Siswa Training Group State Program Malaysian scholarship.

By Mohd Azrol Hafizi Azman

Date of Input: 09/10/2019 | Updated: 10/10/2019 | mohd.hasrul


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