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'Green Campus' Preserved to Campus UPM Bintulu

Serdang, January 20, 2019 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) continues to empower the concept of green sustainability in the life of its students campus with the delivery of 40 units of Voltron's Electric Pedal Asissted Bicycle (EPAB) or e-bike made of Voltron to UPM Campus Bintulu today.

The inauguration of the e-bike was officiated by Y.Bhg. Professor Dr. Mohd. Roslan Sulaiman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) at the Green @ UPMKB program held at UPM Bintulu Campus for two consecutive days. The program is also embarked on cultural performances from local and international students UPM Campus Serdang and Bintulu Campus, Sarawak.

This e-bike submission coincides with an initiative towards enhancing the potential of UPM as a ‘green university’ to a higher level. Exposure given to campus residents on electrical transportation can shape the mind and create awareness to further support and strengthen UPM's green campus aspiration by reducing carbon emissions within the campus and providing eco-friendly transportation. These bikes can be rented, rented or sold to students according to the suitability of their respective business plans. This can indirectly help students to enhance their experience and skills in business. Interested campus can also buy this bike in cash.

In this program, tree planting events around Bintulu campus and plogging activities in Bintulu city were also held with the participation of local and international students from UPM Campus Serdang and Bintulu Campus, Sarawak. The implementation of these two activities clearly demonstrates UPM's commitment, particularly the Bintulu Campus, to empower the concept of 'green university' not only to campus citizens, but also to Bintulu people in general.


By :  Azlan Ibrahim

Date of Input: 24/01/2019 | Updated: 27/01/2019 | mohd.hasrul


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