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Empowerment Mission Malay Language

August 10, 2018, SATUN, Thailand –The Universiti Putra Malaysia Student Representative Council (MPPUPM) in collaboration with the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Universiti Malaysia Perlis (MPPUniMAP) and Sahabat Masjid UPM has organized the Malay Empowerment Volunteer Mission and Free Market Program at Annuban Ob-Om Satun School , Thailand. This joint venture program has been in progress for five (5) days from August 7 to August 11, 2018 and involves 25 participants comprising students / UPM and UniMAP.

        The idea of ​​organizing this mission was when MPPUniMAP organized a Knowledge Travel tour with MPPUPM at UPM on February 7, 2018. MPPUniMAP invited UPM staff, especially MPPUPM to join them for the next volunteer mission because MPPUniMAP is experienced in fulfilling the mission of sharing knowledge and science to the community, moreover involving areas outside Malaysia

 Para peserta bergambar bersama pengetua dan pemilik sekolah

                                 Annuban Ob-Om Satun School was chosen as the volunteer's mission site this time because of the demographic situation of the Malay village of Satun, Thailand which once used Malay as a daily spoken language is getting lost among the young. Furthermore, the condition of the community in the vicinity of the school is that the parents of the students also do not show that they are from the elite or aristocrats as most of the Satun people are still sheltered inside the wooden house and are quite daif from the eyesight


Among the families involved in the Program Ziarah Kasih  with fellow Sahabat Masjid and Ketua Kamoung.


                 This volunteer mission program has been developed with three (3) main objectives namely educating young people, especially school-aged students ranging from pre-school to age 12. Secondly, made a Visit of Love and Free Market by Sahabat Masjid UPM to help the poor in the village near the school location and at the same time Sahabat Masjid has obtained some data and information to continue this mission in the future. The last objective is to cheer the school area so that it looks more interesting and cheerful for schoolchildren to continue to gain unlimited knowledge.

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