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Ekuestrian Putra Club (PEC) in Rugged Horse Championship - Presidential Cup PPj

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 16 - The Putra Ekuestrian Club (PEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia, has participated in the PPJ Presidential Cup Championship organized by Putrajaya Corporation held at the Equestrian Park, Putrajaya.

The main goal of the championship is to provide participants with the opportunity to recognize the sport of endurance. This tournament combines two categories of sports distance of 20km and 40km with different breeds of cattle breeds namely Baka Arab and Baka Others.

For the first time, the Putra Ekuestrian Club (PEC) has sent two representatives with a crew team in the tournament under the guidance of co-operation between Dr. Nurul Hayah as club advisor, UPM Equine Unit and Equestrian Stable (BEST) as a platform to tame themselves with horse riding. Meanwhile, the cost of participation has been sponsored by the Student Affairs Division (BHEP), UPM.

The two representatives are Muhammad Azamuddin bin Mokhtar (20 km ride) and Mohamad Azwan bin Mohd Izhar (20 km ride). Participants have been training for 3 weeks while a week-long crew, in preparation for the tournament. Unfortunately, only one representative was able to join the tournament as the horses riding on their way by Azwan bin Mohd Idzhar had been injured in the final moments.

At this Championship, Muhammad Azamuddin, known as Azam, managed to end the event by 20km with a horse named Lizaz, a mixed breed of Pony Thoroughbred who competed under the category of Baka Others.p;

By Nadhirah binti Yahaya (189916) - PEC CLUB

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