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Chit Chat SEDAYA : The Art of Communication in the Field of Hosting

February 17, 2021, UPM - Sembang Seni Budaya SEDAYA ‘‘Seni Komunikasi Dalam Bidang Pengacaraan’’ This program has featured individuals who are no strangers to the world of hosting, namely En. Mior Abdul Malek Raiyani, executive producer and TV3 news presenter. The program which was broadcast live through Cisco Webex from 3.00 – 4.00pm was participated by 53 participants and broadcasted live on the official Facebook of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts and Cultural Centre. The partnership was oriented towards tips in the field of hosting and communication widely.

    According to Mr. Mior, "in order to get a good impact in the world of hosting we must be smart in controlling the voice in terms of breathing techniques, tone, pronunciation and intonation as well as attractive sound quality to attract the interest of listeners". He also emphasized on the importance of reporters or newscaster to strengthen the basics in the field of hosting as well as acquire additional skills such as facial expressions, voice projections, hand gestures, eye contact before stepping into the field of hosting.

    Mr. Mior also shared about the basic knowledge of script reading which is 1 second equals to 2 words. He added that the need for eye skills, language skills, interesting intonation, continuous training were also need to help increase the interest of listeners to watch the news broadcast. He gives a lot of guidance to the participants by using effective information on delivering techniques in hosting to stay competitive and creative in performing hosting tasks.

    The program has succeeded in achieving its own objectives through positive comments and feedback from participants. They feel grateful because even the program was conducted online, but the input obtained is very useful as they will obtain it lively. According to Mr. Husalshah Rizal Hussian, Director of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts and Cultural Centre, he also learned something in this partnership with Mr. Mior, especially on the 5Ps, which are Projection, Passing, Pronunciation, Pitching and Poses in the field of hosting. Most of the comments say that the sharing from is very interesting and beneficial especially for the students who will be stepping into the world of hosting.

Date of Input: 25/02/2021 | Updated: 25/02/2021 | adidi


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