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April, 27 2020, UPM Serdang - A total of 102 students were successfully sent back home after the Government announced the permission to do so on the 24th April 2020. The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) gave a good support for the Government’s decision on sending back the students who were stranded in their campus, since the First Phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO). Following the announcement, UPM took an aggressive approach in managing all the students who wish to go back home, considering the approaching Aidilfitri when students will need their family even more. UPM has even collaborated with PDRM, KKM, MKN and KPT in regulating this massive movement of students, going back to their respective home, as per the standardized obligations and procedures.

This process has been initiated from Phase One, which deals with students who came from the Northern part of the country, Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Only districts that were declared as the Covid19 Green Zone were involved in Phase One. The students were gathered at Pendeta Za’ba College for procedural and health screenings, moving at 9.00 pm to fixed destinations using six (6) buses. Each bus fits a maximum number of 20 people, including two (2) drivers and Liaison Officer (LO). 102 UPM students were divided to different locations where 68 of them were sent straight to their pickup points meanwhile 38 students were dropped at a transit point in a different IPT before they make their way back home. UPM has also received 18 IPT students within the Klang Valley area to be managed for their trip back home.

In order to ensure the students’ safety throughout the journey, MHE collaborating with MKN and KKM produced a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for Students’ Movement Departure to be abide by all the IPT. This step was to make sure that every party takes the precautions to curb Covid-19, as a serious measure. Even though, students that have been quarantine in the campus are categorized as ‘clean’, it is crucial to practice strict safety measures so we can control the spread of this fatal virus.


Sad to leave the campus, were among the responses given by the students who were ready to go back to their family. Even though they were sad to leave their families back at home during this desperate condition, they admitted that its hard to leave their friends who stayed together for more than a month. Surviving with provided daily meals and provisions was an unforgettable memory for all the students. Staying far from home, friends were their only place to complain and share their stories throughout this pandemic crisis despite the care provided by the front liners from TNC HEPA, Principals and Fellows of their residential colleges, UPM Staffs. Their hard work and endless contribution kept the students accompanied in razing through this unexpected period of time. The students also took the opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation to all the UPM front liners who are handling this Covid19 issue, as a collective team.

Prepared by;

Adidi bin Tamin
Culture Officer
Student Activity Management Section, BHEP

Translated by ;

Pavithra A/P Panir Selvam
Executive officer 

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