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[18/06/2020] Off-Campus Visit Series 1/2020

June 18 2020, Serdang: Students’ Affair Division, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has conducted the Off-Campus Visit Series 1/2020 around Seri Kembangan area, today. Among the main objective of the programme is to trace and serve the UPM off-campus student, staying outside the campus and obtain their feedback in terms of their welfare, safety and other provided assistance(s).

The Students Representative Council (MPP UPM) has also joined the visit, led by Alif Akmal Omar, the President himself. The visit was extended to the home of three UPM students namely, Kamarul Fadzlie Syahir bin Abdullah, Mariani Mohd Dini and Farhani Syafwani. Basic provisions were provided for the students to sustain the desperate circumstance, during the visit.

According to the visited off-campus students, such programme is highly relevant to be conducted as they are also highly affected due to the widespread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic across the nation. The hoped that this kind of effort to be continued in the future by the Students’ Affair Division, concerning the welfare of off-campus students. As per record, around 4,847 UPM students have registered in the off-campus category, with a high population density focused in Serdang and Seri Kembangan area.

Therefore, BHEP UPM has planned up to six Off-Campus Visits to ensure a higher rate of reachability for the students staying outside the campus and encouraging the involvement of many authorized institutions such as the local authority and related non- governmental bodies.

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