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[13/06/2020] PutraPAC Helps UPM Students to Cope with The New Teaching and Learning Norm

June 13th 2020, UPM Serdang – Based on the order from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) that all teaching and learning methods should be converted into online sessions till December 31st 2020, the Students’ Representative Council collaborating with the Students’ Affair Division has taken the initiative to help UPM students to collect their belongings; lecture notes, laptop and references, that were left behind in their respective residential colleges.

The initiative called PutraPAC, was carried out for four (4) consecutive days starting from June 8th, 2020. Students were given two (2) choices of service, to apply for their belongings to be collected from their residential colleges and posted to their current address or to collect their belongings at Padang Kawad, UPM.

In the four (4) days of services, more than 400 applications were successfully completed by the involved volunteers. Positive feedback were gained at the end of the service from the students and surveys found that such service(s) is important to help the students to get back their learning materials in order to resume their teaching and learning processes in the new current new norm.

Date of Input: 30/06/2020 | Updated: 05/08/2020 | mshahrul


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