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[13/04/2020] The ‘We Care Spirit’: Students Aid Students

Serdang,  April, 13 2020 - Gabungan Pelajar-Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung Universiti Putra Malaysia (GPMS UPM) together with Mahasisawa Prihatin (MP) have taken the initiative to contribute 1000 units of dry food items, in the form buns of various flavors. This is one of the many examples that shows the involvement of UPM students in catering the welfare of their UPM friends who are still in campus.



The handover was attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Students’ and Alumni Affairs (HEPA), Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman took place at the HEPA Covid19 Control Room, Pendeta Za’ba College. According to the Head of Administration of Students’ and Alumni Affairs (HEPA), Mrs. Noorizai bt Mohd Noor, this contribution is noble act where students don’t only think of themselves but the needs of their fellow friends as a whole. This can also be seen as a result of trainings in consolidating their soft skills over time. The distribution was done according to the current number of students residing in their respective residential colleges by the staffs and Students’ Council members, working in the Control Room.

Such inclusive and collective act reflects on the thoughtful personality of UPM students towards the situation of the community around them. It is hoped that such values will be continuously instilled within our students in the future.


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