December 3 has been declared International Day of the Disabled by the United Nations (UN) since 1992 for its annual celebration. In line with the international commitment, the Malaysian Government also celebrates OKU Day every year starting in 1994.

To increase awareness of the importance of inclusive society as a shared responsibility, UPM has organized the UPM 2020 Inclusive Campus Awareness Month Celebration from 16 November to 22 December 2020. In addition to meeting the requirements of the UPM OKU Inclusive Policy which was established on 8 September 2020 signed by Yang Amat His Excellency Tengku Sharif Laksamana Perlis Dato 'Seri Diraja Syed Razlan Syed Putra Jamalullail, the campaign is also one of the UPM OKU Inclusive Campus Blueprint which was approved in the University Management Committee Meeting on 25 June 2020 with the aim of providing opportunities and platforms for students and staff to know the services and support provided by UPM to the disabled and give recognition to the ability, potential and contribution of UPM disabled people. Apart from that, through this campaign, it is hoped that the Student and Alumni Affairs (HEPA) can be utilized to examine all aspects of the needs of the disabled through courses and workshops conducted as well as to strengthen the integration of relationships and integration of various responsibility centers at UPM for the well-being of the disabled.

Through this campaign, various activities and programs have been and will be implemented. Among the programs available in this campaign are Sign Language Course (16 November 2020), OKU-BKUPM Special Meeting (19 November 2020), OKU Alumni Sharing Knowledge & Passion (20 November 2020), Online Career Fair & Talk (26 November 2020) , Friendly Session & Special Dialogue for Students with Disabilities with TNCHEPA YBhg Prof. Dr. Arifin Abdu (27 November 2020), Disability Equality Training (DET) Program (8-9 December 2020), OKU Inclusive Campus Implementation Guidelines Workshop (15-16 December 2020) and OKU Inclusive Campus Main Campus Committee Meeting (22 December 2020) .

As of October 2020, there are 53 OKU students and five (5) academic / non-academic OKU staff at UPM which consists of seven (7) categories of disability, namely visual, hearing, physical, speech, learning, mental and various disabilities.

Apart from strengthening management by creating a Policy, Committee and OKU Inclusive Campus Blueprint, UPM has also taken appropriate steps by providing facilities and privileges to the disabled in UPM such as two (2) units of disabled vehicles as a result of contributions from UPM staff and the public in collaboration with the Board Zakat Selangor (MAIS) coordinated by the Center for Wakaf, Zakat and Endowment Management (WAZAN) together with the UPM Student Affairs Division, installation and training of Braille Printers as a result of public contributions through the UPM Knowledge Endowment Fund and the development of Audio Book applications by the Faculty of Computer Science and UPM Information Technology (FSKTM) aims to open the opportunity for all to donate their voices to help the visually impaired review notes through reading voices recorded by their friends into the application under the coordination of brother Zuhaimi Abdul Rahim from WAZAN.

Student and Alumni Affairs always strives to strengthen management at all levels and YBhg. Prof. Dr Arifin Abdu, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs), UPM hopes that the budget themed Budget 2021: Teguh Kita, Win Together, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) which allocates RM14.4 billion with Operating Expenditure of RM11.58 billion and Development Expenditure of RM2.82 billion will be able to be utilized together as a sign of support for the initiatives and goals of Yang Berhormat Dato 'Dr. Noraini Ahmad and then the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and this is definitely also for the development of facilities for the disabled who will continue to be strengthened sustainably in institutions of higher learning including UPM.

Date of Input: 17/12/2020 | Updated: 17/12/2020 | msahrizan


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