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Tele-Counseling Putra, Ready To Help UPM Citizens

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 January 2021 - UPM Counselling Division has created a new method, namely Tele-Counselling Putra during the period of movement control order (PKP) to help UPM students and staff who need counselling services. Since PKP took place, Tele-Counselling Putra has received a good response with a total of 400 customers through online and whatsapp applications.

Consent that needs to be understood by the clients before the counselling session took place


A counsellor should be neutral and objective in guiding customer professionally to give the students and staff an alternative to an effective counselling session. It gives a new perspective towards Tele-Counselling where a counselling session can help clients to accepting differences and find ways to attain settlement lucratively. A counsellor also will help throwing the ideas and discuss with clients before any decision taken for the good of all parties.

A counselling ethics clearly mentioned that all details of the discussion are confidential, and the client does not have to worry while having a session with the counsellor. According to Puan Anis Kamilah, Senior Psychology Officer at UPM, a counselling is very important to our lives as human beings as it is likened to be a 'stepping stone' for clients to improve themselves towards a positive life goals. Advices given are based on theory which can manipulate and change someone's thoughts of style. According to her, problems such as learning, family and personal are the problems which often heard from clients. However, this counselling service is only a medium to find out the problem at an early stage. Should there be a bigger and serious issues, it will be referred to an expert psychiatrist.

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