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Briefing Session of the Borneo Dance Festival 2018

Participants Briefing Participants of the Borneo Dance Festival 2018, hosted at Universiti Putra Malaysia Administration Building Sarawak Bintulu Campus

This year, UPMKB is fortunate to be selected to host the biennial FTB 2018 involving 3 countries in Borneo islands namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Organizing this year will see 13 Higher Education Institutions that will take on the championship title. The competition will be held on stage UPMKB's flagship Dewan Serialang Seri began at the October 31 Official Opening Ceremony and will open its curtain on Nov 3.

By : Izrul Jabar


Date of Input: 31/10/2018 | Updated: 05/11/2018 | mohd.hasrul


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