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[16/04/2020] Casual Sharing With Cerebral Palsy Succeeded



UPM, April 1, 2020 - A sharing session was held on April 1, 2020 through a Hangouts video call with Ms. Noryanti Mahbub from the Department of Disability Services, the Department of Social Welfare and Ms Nara Shahab from Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia. .

This effort was successfully conducted by Dr. Wan Arnidawati Wan Abdullah, coordinator of the University Putra Malaysia Service and Support Unit OKU (UPSO), and also the Training Committee for the Association of Malaysian Advocates for Cerebral Palsy, who invited students and alumni of OKU to join the sharing session

Throughout the sharing session, both panels, UPM students and alumni and UPSO encouraged all listeners to never give up on life especially to people with disabilities and parents with children with disabilities especially Cerebral Palsy.

Noryanti who shares her experience as a student of Cerebral Palsy also UPM alumni, she was always persistent and hopeless in life despite the difficulties of learning. It is very challenging for people around them to be able to understand their needs and disabilities.

In addition, Nara Shahab, a student of cerebral palsy at UITM, shared about the challenges and difficulties she experienced throughout her schooling. She urged the disabled to continue to persevere and to cope with the pressures of life and to be determined to prove themselves.

Hopefully, these partnerships will make UPM students and alumni always eager to move forward in life and serve UPM and others in general.



Prepared by;

Marlinah Binti Muslim
Executive Officer
Student Welfare and Discipline Management Section, BHEP


Translated by ;

Muhammad Mursyid bin Mohd Zaini
Bachelor of Education Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)


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