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Strategic Plan (HEPA) 2021-2023


Mempertingkat nilai dan potensi pelajar secara holistik.


  1. Organise activities that have a major impact on all students based on JERI (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual).
  2. Involve students in community activities at the national and international levels.
  3. Apply elements of nationhood in the implementation of activities.
  4. Provide authentic experience in entrepreneurship.
  5. Provide knowledge and skills to identify opportunities that can generate benefits for graduates.
  6. Offer financial assistance to outstanding international students.
  7. Review the implementation criteria of the student mobility programme.
  8. Allocate funds for students to take part in mobility programmes (inbound and outbound).
  9. Increase the number of students attending a semester-long mobility programme.
  10. Collaborate on graduate training schemes that can increase the marketability of graduates.
  11. Expose prospective graduates to current development aspects of "talent management issues".
  12. Conduct an Employer Expectation Survey to measure employers' views on graduates.

Updated:: 15/06/2021 [nuruliman]


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